Rules & Policies

Here is where you will learn how to ride the bus in a proper fashion. When riding Berkshire Regional Transit Authority buses, we ask you to follow any and all rules throughout your ride for your safety and for the safety of those around you. Thank you.

Getting On The Bus
Just get on and drop your fare in the box next to the bus operator. The bus operator cannot make change. Please take a seat immediately after entering, and please stay seated at all times. Each bus has seating for the elderly and disabled. Passengers seated in these areas are urged to give up their seats to the elderly and disabled when requested. Depending on the bus type, wheelchair-bound passengers can board either through the front or rear door on buses so equipped. The front steps of most buses can be lowered for passengers who have difficulty stepping up. Just ask that the bus be lowered for you.
Getting Off The Bus
When you approach your stop (about one block before) touch the signal tape or pull the cord in between or above the windows. This will let the bus operator know you want to get off. Please stay seated until the bus has stopped. After you get off, stand to the side of the road or on the sidewalk until the bus has pulled away. For your safety, do no cross in front of the bus or walk along the side of the bus.
Do's And Don'ts
Do be courteous of other passengers. Please No Smoking, Eating, Alcoholic beverages or playing of radios on the bus. Non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed as long as they are in a spill-proof cup or bottle. Drinks must be disposed of properly and are not left on seats or floor. Large object, for example bicycles, are not allow in the bus. Place large packages under your seat. Strollers or walking aids cannot be left in the aisles. Strollers must be folded. Parcels are limited to the amount that can be safely carried on/off in 1 trip. No pets allowed, except those in pet carriers or animals assisting the disabled.
Bikes On Buses
BRTA buses have bicycle racks on the front bumper year round. For no additional fare a bus passenger can bring his/her bike and place it into the bike rack. The bike racks hold two standard two-wheeled bicycles. The bike racks are simple to use: just pull down the rack to load the bike into the rack closest to the bus. Bikes may not be locked into the rack. Use of the bike racks is at the passenger's risk. Space is available on a first come first serve basis.
Flag Stops
The BRTA operates primarily on a "flag stop" policy, with some "restricted bus stop areas." Persons wishing to board the bus must "wave" to the bus operator. Buses will stop to pickup or discharge passengers wherever it is safe to do so, at the nearest street corner preferably.
Restricted Stop Areas
In certain areas, usually in business districts or within shopping centers, buses are "restricted" from stopping except in designated areas. These bus stops are clearly marked on the "Restricted Bus Stop Area."

Intersections are not safe bus stop areas. Bus operators will stop near intersections only where it is safe to pick up or discharge passengers. A bus stopped in traffic at an intersection will not allow passengers to get on or off the bus until it has passed through the intersection and stops on the far side of the intersection.